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Einige kreative Mitarbeiter eines großen Versandhändlers entwickeln kriminelle Energien bei dem Versuch, das perfide Geschäftsmodell des Onlinegiganten für sich auszunutzen. Doch wieviel Konsum verträgt der Mensch? Im Haus der einsamen Witwe Cecilia, das gleich neben einem riesigen Versandhandelszentrum liegt, finden drei der dort Angestellten liebevoll betreuten Unterschlupf: Ines, die anderswo ihr Glück und ihre Arbeit verloren hat, Petru, der seine Großfamilie in Moldawien versorgen muss, und der junge Hendrik, ein obdachloser Technofreak. Aus der Notgemeinschaft wird eine gut funktionierende kriminelle Vereinigung, die das ausgeklügelte System maximaler Ausbeutung auf ihre Weise ausbeutet. Das Versandgeschäft wird zum Selbstbedienungsladen. Aber welche Wünsche und Träume kann die absurd überquellende Warenwelt tatsächlich erfüllen?
Von Johann-Heinrich Rabe und Alexander Scharf
Regie: Johann-Heinrich Rabe
Komposition & Foley: Alexander Scharf
Mit Anastasija Bräuniger, Vlad Chiriac, Torsten Föste, Mia Hempel, Barbara Philipp, Vito Sack, Anja Schneider, Beatrix Strobel, Daniel Warland
Sprachaufnahmen: Martin Eichberg und Susanne Beyer
Montage und Klangrealisation: Karl-Heinz Stevens
Mentorin: Elisabeth Panknin
Eine Koproduktion des Deutschlandfunks mit der Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch 2021
Länge: 44’43
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Innen der Garten


an audio installation in collaboration with paul werner, which was embeded in the interactive lecture performance “innen der garten” by Janka Dold. it was located at a greenhouse of the urban gardening prodject “anna linde” in leipzig. through live generating sound based on different electric measured values of several plants the installation was able to play an interactive role within the performance.
Location: Anna Linde, Leipzig
Dramaturgy: Janka Dold, Anton Fischer
Technical Implementation: Paul Werner
Sound Design: Alexander Scharf
Actors: Ronja Oehler, Gesa Schermuly
Set: Amelie Sabbagh, Wiebke Müller
Light: Ulysse Fontaine

Lille man, hva na?

03/2020__LILLE MAN – HVA NÅ

this is the story of pinneberg and lämmchen. 1929. on the eve of the great depression, these two lovers suddenly face parenthood. children that have to be adults they are, bound to each other.

i composed the music for Johann-Heinrich Rabe’s production of Falladas “Kleiner Mann Was Nun?” at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and was there for performing the shows from 10.-17. march 2020. the music was inspired by the 1920s and consisted mainly of piano, trumpet and electronic elements. trumpet was played by Max Diller.

Location: National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, NOR
Direction: Johann-Heinrich Rabe
Costume Design: Pinelopi Spanou
Music: Alexander Scharf
Trumpet: Max Diller
Light desing: Anders Krog Kristiansen
Help with Translation: Vladimir von Arx
>> Khio

Wave Textures


An audioinstallation. 64 Quadrophonic Audio Textures made from 1 Fieldrecording. All textures are based on a 3 minutes fieldrecording of ocean waves. I intuitively processed the audiomaterial to get to know its essence in matters of sound.

Location: Szene Zeigen Festival, Alte Flugschule Laucha an der Unstrut
Technical Support: Paul Tralles

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What seemed absurd yesterday is already normal today? The Dresden choreographers and performers Beach/Schubert/Weniger bring the seemingly endlessly uprooting daily excitement curve to the stage as a soap opera musical. Inspired by musicals and soap operas, associative performances, media art, wigs, DIY videos, sung songs, dilettantism, coffee, newspaper ads, memes, free boxes and highly professional blah-blah, they plunge into their first joint collaboration. On their dadaistic journey into the abysses of the sensational present, they drag the audience from climax to climax with their suspect hit voices and expressive stage events. We feel the conditions of our political, social and economic systems more and more incomprehensible, absurdity becomes more and more normal. If something becomes nrml (syn. e.g. on the agenda, naturalized, commonplace), it is difficult for us to perceive it as unbelievable, terrible or annoying for longer. K.K. (including crazy Internet hypes) can surpass the nonsense of the reality in which we live, because, we, are, today, ((standjanuarztwo thousand nineteen)), more easily, invaded by, feelings, than, by, arguments aka frogs. With shame red face we make stepchildren and a sensational soap opera musical: OPOTFOTF. What is it today? Is it the normalization of what was unbelievable yesterday? The politician*inner beard was perhaps half finished, but people make mixed drinks, as the old proverb and Mother Nature says: We know that this can be difficult times for navigation, but we believe that we have the question and answer: O-P-O-T-F-O-T-F. In this philosophy of language, the global idea of a feeling, also known as a model monkey, is different and an attempt has been made to find a coherent approach to distinguish the truth from the annoying tissue paper on the Internet – an attempt word.
Opotfotf combined Musical and Soap Opera Elements in absurd and dadaistic ways. In terms of sound it was my attempt to captivate the spectators and create illusion of being in classical musical stuations just to subsequently deconstruct and disrupt them, over and over again. My Live Set was mainly focused on live processing voices to embed them in the music, put them into virtual spaces and setting bizarre accents through effects and automations. So it was possible to fit the singing perfectly to the songs, change moods within seconds and create acoustic illusions.
Location: Festspielhaus Hellerau
Performance: Caroline Beach, Susan Schubert, Magdalena Weniger
Music, video, set & technical implementation: Caroline Beach, Susan Schubert, Magdalena Weniger, Alexander Scharf, Paul Barsch, Lucie Freynhagen, Martin Mulik
Photography: © Stephan Böhling
>> Hellerau

Projects: Persona


Persona is a knwoledge, a tremendous knowledge of a loneliness, an estrangement, an inability to encounter. Persona is a drama of despair. Its a play of the sensitivity of skin, of faces and words. Persona is a collapsing illusion, a triumph of silence.

Song Name
Location: HfS Ernst Busch Berlin
Direction: Johann-Heinrich Rabe
Play-development: Camillo Gulde, Jaap Kanis, Aniol Kirberg, Eva Maria Nikolaus, Maximilian Paier, Johann-Heinrich Rabe, Theresa Reiwer, Alexander Scharf, Beatrix Strobel und Ana Edroso Stroebe
Acting: Aniol Kirberg, Eva Maria Nikolaus, Maximilian Paier, Beatrix Strobel
Stage Design: Theresa Reiwer, Camillo Gulde
Music & Sound: Alexander Scharf
Photography: © Chris Erlbeck
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Easy Love

02/2019__EASY LOVE

Field experiments in matters of the heart: Seven men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 are faced with the pleasure but also burden of being the architects of their own destiny. But the associated risks and side effects of trying to balance hedonistic adventure with a longing for emotional security are unpredictable. Idealistic notions of individualism and freedom are therefore bound to collide with the fear of loneliness and disappointment. And so the protagonists’ desires often lead them astray, sometimes to a therapist, but also towards true love.
easy love is an ensemble film in which both the filmmaker and the protagonists themselves are the authors of its stories. Playing themselves, the actors draw on their own reality in order to explore what they could be. Each sequence in the film appears as a fork in the road with two diverging paths, the next section of which can only be taken provisionally. A film that is a cross between documentary and fiction, woven from apparently colourfast cloth which is both ultra-sensitive and true to life.
I contributed one track to the soundtrack of this film.
Premiere: Berlinale 2019
Script & Direction: Tamer Jandali
Actors: Stella Vivien Dhingra, Sönke Andersen, Sophia Seidenfaden, Lenika Lukas, Niclas Jüngermann, Pina Felizitas, Amelie Liebst
>> Premiere Berlinale

97% Unknown

11/2018__97% UNKNOWN

97% Unknown is an Instant Performance that took place at Dance Up Festival in Ústí Nad Labem. It was nessesarry to completely improvise sound and music live to be able to react on whatever evolves on stage. I collaged samples, clips, loops, ambiences, fieldrecordings and microphone-effects out of my sound library that i created over the past years. Through this it was possible to create spaces, objects or associations through reallife-sounds, to illustrate movements on stage in realtime or to process and manipulate microphone inputs to make the sounds happening on stage developing a life on their own.
Location: Dance Up Festival, Hraničář, Ústí Nad Labem, CZ
Dance: Magdalena Weniger, Dani Lehmann, Tabea Wittulsky
Music: Alexander Scharf
Light Design: Martin Mulik



„Ich wurde durchs Feuer wie Phönix geboren. Ich flog durch die Lüfte, ging doch nicht verloren. Ich wandert’ durchs Wasser, ich reist’ über Land, in solchem Umschwärmen macht’ ich mir bekannt, was mich oft betrübte und selten ergötzt’.“ Das ist die Beschreibung des Lebens eines seltsamen Vaganten, nämlich: wo und wie er in diese Welt gekommen, was er darin gesehen, erfahren, gelernt und ausgestanden, auch warum er sie freiwillig wieder verlassen hat. Überaus unterhaltsam und für jede_n nützlich zu sehen.

Song Name
Song Name
Location: HfS Ernst Busch Berlin
Direction: Johann-Heinrich-Rabe
Acting: Aysima Ergün, Beatrix Strobel, Maximilian Paier
Dramaturgy: Laura Andress
Stage Desing: Camillo Gulde
Music & Sound: Alexander Scharf
Video: Carl Ahner
Assistant Producer: Gu Sunan
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