97% Unknown

11/2018__97% UNKNOWN

97% Unknown is an Instant Performance that took place at Dance Up Festival in Ústí Nad Labem. It was nessesarry to completely improvise sound and music live to be able to react on whatever evolves on stage. I collaged samples, clips, loops, ambiences, fieldrecordings and microphone-effects out of my sound library that i created over the past years. Through this it was possible to create spaces, objects or associations through reallife-sounds, to illustrate movements on stage in realtime or to process and manipulate microphone inputs to make the sounds happening on stage developing a life on their own.
Location: Dance Up Festival, Hraničář, Ústí Nad Labem, CZ
dance: Magdalena Weniger, Dani Lehmann, Tabea Wittulsky
music: Alexander Scharf
light design: Martin Mulik